Ancient Greece & Rome Innovation and Achievement Project
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Colosseo Roma Photo by Ms. Dawson

Objective: Analyze the impact and influence of an innovation from Ancient Greece or Rome on past, present, and future societies.

Essential Standard: H 2.4 (History): Explain the role that key historical figures and cultural groups had in transforming society.

Research/Unit Question: How are the actions of the past influencing your world today?

1. Project Directions and Rubrics

Part I (EasyBib Notetaking)
Part II (Product)

2. NoteTaking with Fact Fragments
Link to video shown in class Fact Fragment Video
Practice Note Taking (Sample used in class)

3. Create an EasyBib Account
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4. Directions for using EasyBib to Cite Sources and Take Notes
Example of what your 7 Note Cards should look like:

Step by step Directions for Using EasyBib

5. Handouts for Ms. Johnsen's Class

5. Handouts for Ms.Heymann's Class

6. Websites selected for this project

7. Try a different search engine

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