You will extend the knowledge you gained from reading your chapter by developing a research question, finding resources that answer your question, and taking notes in EasyBib.

Plan for Today
  1. Develop a research question
  2. Make a list of the search terms to use
  3. Use at least one new search engine
    • Yippy
    • Duck Duck Go
    • InstaGrok

  4. Use EasyBib Bibliography to create citations for two articles you use in your research.
  5. Create notecards in EasyBib Notebook
  6. Take notes using your own words

Consider these questions:
  • Representatives of the fast-food industry say that the responsibility for healthy choices lies with you. How much do you think that lack of personal responsibility is a cause of the current obesity crisis? How much do you think that corporations are responsible? Why?

  • Eric Schlosser and Charles Wilson describe Sam Fabrikant's struggle with weight gain and his frightening experience with gastric bypass surgery at the age of sixteen. After reading about Sam's experience, do you think that gastric bypass surgery was the best option for him? What were Sam's alternatives?